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Giving You The Chance To Start Over

Bankruptcy is a serious legal problem that requires serious legal representation. When you need resolution to financial problems, you want the best attorney you can get. You need high-level advocacy that will put an immediate end to harassment and get you out from under crushing debts.

Creditors will not stop their collection tactics until they get what they want. They will call you at all hours to harass you over past-due or delinquent debts. They threaten lawsuits, car repossession or home foreclosure. Their job is to shame you and create stress that distracts you during the day and keeps you up at night.

The Peace Of Mind That Comes From Ending The Stress And Starting Over

If you are considering bankruptcy, the attorneys at Barash & Everett, LLC can help you get out from under. Our legal team brings 60 years of experience representing not only debtors, but also creditors and trustees in bankruptcy matters. Our insight into both sides is invaluable for you.

We explore all legal options to secure debt relief through:

  • Chapter 7 debt discharge
  • Chapter 13 payment plans
  • Chapter 11 business bankruptcy
  • Chapter 12 family farm bankruptcy

The moment we file consumer or business bankruptcy is the moment we put creditors on notice to stop their harassment. We remain at your side throughout the entire process with the goal of providing you an equally valuable asset.

Your peace of mind.

Serious Financial Problems Require Serious Legal Counsel

Debt relief is a telephone call or email away to a dedicated and compassionate bankruptcy lawyer. Barash & Everett, LLC is the go-to law firm to call for committed legal representation. Call an attorney in Galesburg at 309-341-6010, Galva at 309-932-2001 and Kewanee at 309-852-5555 or contact us online.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.