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Skillfully Defending You Against DUI Charges

The criminal lawyers at Barash & Everett, LLC are uniquely qualified to serve your legal needs. They will protect your rights and best interests bringing years of DUI defense experience throughout West Central Illinois. Members of our legal team started their respective careers as prosecutors. Possessing insight into both sides makes us uniquely qualified to help you.

Serious Drunk Driving Consequences Require Serious Legal Help

Do not handle a drunk driving charge on your own. The odds are against you. Prosecutors will want you to immediately plead guilty. Their so-called “bargain” ignores the complexity of DUI cases and the serious penalties that come with a conviction.

Whether we represent you in criminal court or license suspension hearings, we investigate all aspects of your arrest. We are well-known for thorough investigations that often uncover potential violations of our client’s rights involving the initial stop and sobriety, blood and breath tests.

You’re Not Just Retaining An Attorney, You Are Investing In Your Future.

The impact of a misdemeanor or felony drunk driving conviction goes beyond criminal penalties. A revoked or suspended license is devastating on personal and professional levels. A criminal record and license revocation is more than an inconvenience. For you, it could be career ending.

You may assume that you cannot afford an attorney. However, can you afford the fines, increased insurance rates and the cost to get your driver’s license restored?

Take Action Immediately Following A Drunk Driving Arrest

Protect your rights and liberties by contacting Barash & Everett, LLC, the go-to law office for big-firm representation and small-firm service. The opposing side has legal counsel. You should too. We’ve got your back.

Call our Galesburg at 309-341-6010, Galva at 309-932-2001 and Kewanee at 309-852-5555. You can also reach us online via our intake form.